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With a desire to deepen and transmit, Charles-Wesley Hourdé has organised several exhibition, most often accompanied by a catalogue. He has notably published: 

couverture guatemala.jpg

2023, published on the occasion of the Moros y Cristianos exhibition. Text by Jean de Stadt.


This exhibition presents a selection of Guatemalan masks patiently collected over the last ten years. These masks are a rare testimony of the syncretism that took place in Central America, combining the iconography of ancient pre-Hispanic cultures with that of the Spanish conquerors.

Sans titre-2 copie.jpg

2020, published on the occasion of the DAN exhibition. Text by Bertrand Goy.


Patiently gathered for more than ten years, exceptional works of art, with historical pedigree, are presented together with totally unknown pieces.


2019, published on the occasion of BRAFA 2019. 


A selection of exceptional artworks, specially selected for our first pariticipation at BRAFA art fair in Brussels. Including an important Nimba shoulder mask, a rare Baule equestrian figure, and an impressive Sepik river spririt mask.


2018, published on the occasion of TEFAF 2018.


This exhibition includes a selection of museum quality artworks including three masterpieces from New Ireland, collected by German captains at the beginning of the last century, an important female Bembe figure, (Gangala style), and a rare Teke Tsaye round mask. 

Capture d’écran 2019-11-22 à



First gallery exhibition dedicated to the subject, allowing visitors to admire the refined art of Gouro people. Organised by typology and identified workshop, including three artworks by the famous Baouflé master. 


Une collection particulière

2010, Une collection particulière valant son pesant d'or


An exhibition unveiling an important collection of Akan goldweights. Including close to 200 bronze sculptures, from impressive figurative examples to beautiful geometric shapes. 

couverture Konaté.jpg

2021, published on the occasion of the Hommage aux chasseurs du Mandé exhibition. Text by Bertrand Goy.


This exhibition brings together an important work by Abdoulaye Konaté with a selection of traditional Bambara sculptures from the ancient Mandé country.


2020, published on the occasion of the OGONI exhibition.

Text by Jill Salmons.


This exhibition highlights the art of the Ogoni people of Nigeria, a theme that has never been seen before in France. 


2019, published on the occasion of an exhibition organised during THE SALON: Art + Design, New York


an exhibition curated together with Carolle Thibaut-Pomerantz including a panoramic wallpaper depicting the voyages of James Cook (1804) and a selection of Oceanic artworks originating from the islands discovered by the famous navigator.


2017, published on the occasion of Parcours des Mondes.


This exhibition offers a selection of African and Oceanic artworks carefully selected for their aesthetic quality, their age but also for their close affinities with the work and life of Pablo Picasso. Including a geometric Lwalwa mask, an important Kanak figure, and a Grebo mask.

Capture d’écran 2019-11-22 à



This exhibition is a tribute to the collectors and dealers who have worked for the recognition of the arts of Africa and Oceania. All the works presented benefit from a historical pedigree. Including artworks from the collections of Paul Guillaume, Vlaminck, etc.


Février 2009



First catalogue, edited in 2009, on the occasion of San Francisco Tribal and Textile Art Fair, including important African masks and sculptures. Including an major Tchokwé figurative mortar from the former Arman collection and a tall Bakongo figure collected in the 19th century. 


Available at the gallery.


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