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With a desire to deepen and transmit, Charles-Wesley Hourdé has wrote several books and contributed to scientific publications, including:

  • Éloge du Corps, Arts d'Afrique, d'Océanie et d'Amérique du Nord, Collection Josette, et Jean-Claude Weill, 5 Continents, 2019

  • Galerie Pigalle: Afrique, Océanie. 1930, Une exposition mythique, Éditions HR et Somogy, 2018

  • Afrique, à l'ombre des dieux. Collections africaines de la Congrégation du Saint-Esprit, Somogy, 2017

  • "Un cabinet d'amateur, Voyage ethnographique en terre bourguignonne", Bourgogne Tribal News, 2017

  • "Kichizô Inagaki, Dans l’ombre des Grands du XXe siècle", Tribal Art Magazine, 2012

publications - work in progress


I have published the most exhaustive study about the famous Japanese cabinetmaker Kichizô Inagaki.


Carrying on my research, feel free to contact me to share information about the subject, pictures of objects mounted by him or any piece of furniture that should be attributed to him.

I am also looking for ancient dance masks from Guatemala. 

exhibition curator


In parallel of commercial exhibitions organised at the gallery, Charles-Wesley Hourdé acts as curator. He notably co-organized the exhibition:


  • Pigalle 1930: retour sur une exposition mythique, Espace Tribal, 2018


Charles-Wesley Hourdé is regularly invited to participate in conferences, guided tours, interviews, university courses, etc.

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